Terms and Conditions

General Rental Conditions Haus Bramberg

General provisions

1. By paying the down payment, the tenant agrees to these rental conditions.

2. Immediately after booking, a confirmation will be sent and a request for down payment will be made. The booking is final after the landlord has received the down payment.

3. The house is made available for the rental period to the tenant who made the booking and his/her travel group. The tenant is not allowed to transfer the house to another tenant unless agreed with the landlord.

4. Smoking is not allowed in the house.

5. Pets are not allowed.

6. The number of agreed persons staying in the house during the booked period may not be exceeded, unless expressly agreed with the landlord. If this number is exceeded, the landlord can deny this extra person access to the house. The landlord reserves the right to immediately terminate the rental agreement in the event of negligence, without any costs.

7. The rental period starts on the day of arrival. The house can be entered from 3 p.m. The rental period ends on the day of departure. The house can still be used until 10 a.m. that day. Other times can be agreed in consultation.

During changeover days, the key manager has the opportunity to start cleaning earlier in consultation with the tenant.

8. Austria is an environmentally conscious country where (household) waste separation is a serious and not optional matter. In addition, compliance is strictly monitored. As a tenant it is your own responsibility to comply with these rules. In the house you will find further explanation about its application.

Liability and responsibility

1. The tenant is expected to check the house and inventory immediately after arrival for any defects and damage and to report these immediately, but no later than 12 hours after arrival, to the key manager or the landlord.

2. The tenant is obliged to use the rented property (house, garden and other movable and immovable property belonging to and associated with the house) normally and with due care and not to cause any nuisance to the surrounding area.

3. Any damage that may occur must be reported to the key manager and the landlord. The landlord reserves the right to recover any damage incurred from the tenant. This also applies if damage is found during final cleaning after the tenant's departure, unless the tenant can demonstrate that this was not caused by him/her party.

4. The landlord has taken out a building and contents policy for the house and its own inventory/contents. These policies only provide cover for theft if the house is properly and completely locked. This means that all windows and exterior doors must be locked when you leave the house, even for a short time. The tenant is liable for any damage suffered by the landlord as a result of the tenant's failure to comply with this obligation. This damage can be recovered from tenants.

5. The landlord is in no way liable for:

a. Personal or property damage, accidents or consequential damage of any nature whatsoever, suffered by the tenants and/or their parties.

b. The breakdown or decommissioning of technical equipment in the house, temporary failure or disruptions in and around the house of water and/or energy management, unannounced road closures and construction work around the house.

c. Obvious errors or mistakes on its website or other notices.

d. For loss, theft or damage to luggage, personal property or vehicle, as well as the costs arising from not reaching the house on time due to delays. You must have taken out your own (travel) insurance for this.

6. Any liability of the lessor will in all cases be limited to, and never exceed, the maximum amount paid by the tenant for the rented period. In your own interest, you must take out good insurance, such as travel insurance, health insurance and cancellation insurance.

7. The landlord undertakes to make the property available to the tenants in accordance with the description and to guarantee their enjoyment as much as possible, except in situations of force majeure and in cases as described in point 2.5.

8. The house must be found clean and tidy by tenants at the start of their stay. If this is not the case, this must be immediately reported to the key manager and landlord, so that they can correct the situation. Upon departure, the tenant must leave the house tidy and tidy, the cleaning of the house will be carried out by the landlord.

9. In the event of complaints, the tenant must report them to the landlord during the rental period, but no later than 1 week after its expiry.

10. In the event of any disagreement with the key manager, the tenant must inform the landlord as soon as possible.