Cancellation conditions


Within 7 days after booking (i.e. after the landlord has sent confirmation that the relevant booking request has been accepted and that the relevant period has been determined), an initial payment of 25% of the total rental sum must be credited to the indicated account of tenant.

Payment of remaining rental price

The remainder of 75% of the rental price must be paid no later than 2 weeks before moving into the house. For a booking made less than 2 weeks before the start of the rental period, the total rental amount due must be credited to the landlord's account immediately, but no later than within 7 days. In the event of default on the (down) payment, the lessor reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement and possibly charge cancellation costs.


After receipt of the remainder of the rental price, further relevant information such as address details, directions, key instructions, etc. will be forwarded to the tenant. If necessary, the “Nationalpark Summercards Mobil” will also be sent to the address you provided.

Additional costs

Charging electric car:

If you want to charge a hybrid or electric car, it is easiest in Mittersill. There are fast chargers from Salzburg AG address: Kirchgasse 8, 5730 Mittersill or Electric Vehicle Charging Station address: Zeller Str. 24, 5730 Mittersill, Austria. If you choose to charge at Haus Bramberg, additional costs will be charged (approximately € 0.50/kWh), I will subsequently determine this globally from the energy overview.


1. Cancellation in advance by the tenant

A cancellation must be reported in writing (by e-mail) to the landlord. If you unexpectedly want to cancel the booking, you must take into account cancellation costs that we will charge. In case of cancellation, the following rules apply:

a. Up to 60 days before the start of the rental period, 25% of the rental price will be charged.

b. 75% of the rental price will be charged between 59 and 14 days before the start of the rental period.

c. 100% of the rental price will be charged within 14 days before the start of the rental period.

2. Cancellation during stay

If the tenant does not use the house or leaves it before the end of the rental period, no refund of the rental price will be made.

3. Cancellation by the landlord

If the landlord has to cancel the rental agreement due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, the tenant will be immediately informed and refunds of (down) payments will be made. There are no additional costs to be recovered from the landlord for this cancellation.